Most companies will have the right contained in an employees Contract of Employment to request an employee to have an Independent Medical Assessment by an independent doctor.

The assessment enables the company to better understand the reasons behind the employee being off work, can help recommend actions to enable the employee to return to work as soon as possible and to make changes in the workplace if appropriate when the employee is able to return.

Our doctors are Occupationally Health trained and well versed in Employment legislation in particular with the Disability Discrimination Act (‘DDA’) & Equality Act. Companies have a legal duty to ensure that they look after the Health and Safety of their employees.

Our doctors have experience in working with clients to improve attendance and reduce absence by offering a reactive management referral service. Long term sickness is one of the most difficult kinds of absence to manage, especially for smaller organisations. 

Through good management, you can reduce long-term sickness absence, support sick employees to return and ensure fair treatment of your staff. We offer both short and long term medical reviews looking at an employees condition, reason for absence and estimated return if any.

We supply a standard referral form which will allow your company to provide as much information as possible pertaining to the individuals job, working environment and current state of health. With this information and following consultation and discussion with the employee, we are able to offer advice and guidance along with recommendations for a successful return, restrictions that may apply, safe working practices, advice and support to both employee and employer.

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